• Accessibility: Are We Giving Everyone the Experience They Deserve?

    22 Feb 2016 |  Accessibility, Development, Design, Link

    Accessibility Article Hero Graphic I wrote an article on accessibility in web design. You can read it here

  • Eric Gill was wrong; a re-evaluation of Gill Sans

    14 May 2014 |  Design, Typography, Link

    A few years old, but I couldn’t agree more.
    Eric Gill was wrong; a re-evaluation of Gill Sans

  • iOS Apps I use Every Day

    27 Jan 2014 |  iOS, everyday

    My friend (a long time Android user) recently bought an iPhone to test out for a while, and he asked me for a list of apps to try. After writing it up, I decided that I should add it here for anyone who may be interested. Be warned, these aren’t for everyone, and your average user may be confused by the functionality of some of them (specifically those under Automation).

  • ImageOptim

    19 Jan 2014 |  Design, Work, Images, everyday ImageOptim

    Bandwidth is a huge concern in modern web development. Many web designers are accustomed to designing sites responsively for smartphones and tablets, but the importance of file size and bandwidth usage often gets overlooked...

  • Gradient

    18 Jan 2014 |  Design, Work, Code, everyday Gradient

    Working with CSS3 gradients can be a pain. There is a lot that can go wrong, and time spent figuring out which line is out of place is a waste (in the best case), or billable time (in the worst).

  • Frank DeLoupe

    17 Jan 2014 |  Design, Work, Code, everyday Frank DeLoupe

    On an average day I’ll need to insert a specific color’s HEX value into a field roughly ten thousand times. This type of work is tedious and prone to error, and I have spent a lot of time trying to find a better solution than hunting down the value in CSS, or clicking around on Photoshop...