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iOS Apps I use Every Day

27 January 2014

My friend (a long time Android user) recently bought an iPhone to test out for a while, and he asked me for a list of apps to try. After writing it up, I decided that I should add it here for anyone who may be interested. Be warned, these aren’t for everyone, and your average user may be confused by the functionality of some of them (specifically those under Automation).

Here’s a list if my favorite iOS (specifically, iPhone) apps. I left out obvious things (Instagram, Instapaper, etc.,) and focused on apps that I use daily, but aren’t necessarily well known. A lot of these would probably be useless to most people, but I thought you’d find a few of them particularly interesting, especially the automation ones. Let’s get together soon and I’ll tell you about the Rube Goldberg-esque way I push changes to GitHub with Siri.


Social Networking/Email



Data Collection & Tracking

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