Ginger Simple Syrup

Custom Type Label for Homemade Simple Syrup

07 November 2013

Ginger Simple Syrup

Even personal projects (such as homemade Christmas gifts for friends and family) deserve attention to detail.

Æsthetic choices

After making my first batch of home-made simple syrup, I decided that it would make a perfect gift for a select few friends and family members. The time I spent in spice stores finding the proper ingredients (I made several versions, including a wonderful cola syrup) — combined with the aromas that filled the house — lead me to an old, apothecary style. After some trial and error, I decided the only way to bring that style to life was to use custom lettering.


Overall, I was happy enough with the lettering to begin converting it to a working typeface. I removed the “weathering” that was applied in Illustrator (worn and weathered effects are always best when custom-applied to the individual use case), and began work on the rest of the alphabet. I hope to release the font (free for personal/private use) in late 2014, under the name Snake Oil.

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