Ursimian, LLC

Ursimian Custom Logotype & Logomark

05 December 2013

Ursimian, LLC

After completing the logo for Grizzly Vapes, the Owner of Steammonkey hired me to create a logo for a new venture. The name Ursimian comes from the combination of Grizzly Vapes (ursine is the latinate form of bear) and Steammoneky (simian, meaning ape).


The typography posed a particular challenge; Steammonkey has an industrial focus, while Grizzly Vapes is centered on chemistry. Both sides of the company needed to be represented, so I wanted the type to be recognizable as both industry related (often using bold, slab serifs), and collegiate. A quick scan of a few foundries revealed that my best option would be to hand letter the logo. The logotype went through several revisions (featured below), before I reaching the final version.


Beyond the logotype, a simple logomark was needed, as the company is fond of engraving their brand on their products, and the full logo would be too long and cumbersome for their products. The logo mark is an obvious combination of the two companies, formed from many of the components found in the typography. As such, it easily represents the company, and references the full logo.

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