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Driftwood is shockingly photogenic.

This treehouse is a Viking ship. I want to climb up there so bad.

There are some awesome clouds around here.


Sunset, from our front door.

This tree.

I promise I’ll buy a corkscrew one day.

Slightly-too-late Happy Valentines Day post.

That kind of week.

Knitting hats, protesting, and listening. Well done, everyone.

Beer is good but beers are better.

andrewcaito roasted some coffee for me! πŸ€—

You should all join me in a Tom Collins.

8-bit monument

Yeah, I've tried them all.

Bez needs me to protect him from the evil vet.

Absolutely wonderful. Bourbon, you have some competition.

A new friend appeared on my desk while I was out to lunch

Bez is a proud cat.

After a day of testing different messaging apps, LINE earned a place in my dock.

Alice is crocheting snowflakes. She’s pretty awesome.


Bez thinks he’s an orange.


Bez in his Christmas present.

Work in progress. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Bez found a new home under the Christmas tree.

Alice made this for me and sang Happy Birthday in French. She’s awesome.

Red filter.

Blue filter.

Bez bit Alice. What a jerk.


Afternoon at an orchard.

You had one job!

Alice got a new toy today. I'm not jealous I'm not jealous I'm not jealous I'm not...

Beard ornaments.

Alice needs Windows for her homework, and this is proof that I love her.

Alice is making drinks. I'm wondering if I'll turn into a woman if I drink one.



Also, Siri on a non-4S device.

Alice made brinner!

4 limes and 1 orange PER DRINK, but totally worth it.

Beer o' clock.


Bez is special.

Alice has CNA classes tomorrow. Our ideas of nurse uniforms were VERY different

Believe it or not, this is a photo of the Tennessee river, taken with cellphone. BOOM


4th state of the day.

766 miles to go.

3rd state of the day.

Benefits of having a French girlfriend

Altoids-tin herb garden update.

Any ideas on acceptable shirt colors to go with this tie? I'm tired of white.

Best thing ever.


Alice's textbooks are DIRTY.

Happy new year, from my (parked) car.


Alice's interpretation of Superman

Bez, sleeping comfortably.

Bez loves the bathtub.

Bez, you're not a book.

Gay bar mondays.

Almost finished packing! Now, where's that tape...

Bez is sleeping with his face in my shoe.


Another drive to Marion.


Aviation cocktail

When seasons collide.

28 years old.

All I ever wanted from an iPhone was the ability to take out of focus, vintage looking pictures, and now I have that.