I like helping people. Most often through understanding their challenges and crafting thoughtful solutions.

Sometimes I help by making it easy to find the products or solutions they're looking for. Sometimes their problems are related to the tools they rely on to do their jobs. Sometimes, it's about the way the organization understands their role.

Whether I can help by creating more intuitive interfaces tailored to their needs, or by guiding teams in developing workflows attuned to the intricacies of their process, I really like making it easier for people to get things done.


UX Architect / Practice Mgr.


At DMI, I’ve collaborated with a diverse clientele spanning Financial Tech, Health Care, Insurance, Air Transportation, and more. Engaging with intricate challenges, I’ve been fortunate enough to lead wonderful teams of UX designers, researchers, and developers, supported by committed stakeholders. As a Managing Consultant, I guided and mentored a dedicated team of UX professionals, progressing to the position of Practice Manager overseeing the UX practice.

Pearl Brands

Web Strategies Manager


In my role as the Web Strategies Manager at Pearl Brands, I worked with clients in the tourism, non-profit, and local government sectors, delivering comprehensive web solutions, online marketing, and email campaigns. From initial planning and strategy to design and development, I led and executed each phase. Specializing in accessibility, I conducted audits of existing sites and enhanced designs and code to ensure WCAG 2/2.1 AA/AAA compliance. In addition to my strategic responsibilities, I took charge of managing servers, overseeing backups, and maintaining in-office networking.

Studio Science



During my tenure at Studio Science (formerly KA+A), I specialized in front-end development, with a primary focus on WordPress. My responsibilities encompassed designing interactions, ensuring accessibility, and implementing responsive design strategies. Engaging with a diverse clientele, ranging from nascent startups to well-established enterprises such as Angie's List (now Angi), Stack Overflow, and Salesforce, provided me with invaluable experience and the chance to contribute to projects of varying scales and complexities.


I have over a decade of experience creating logos, websites, applications, design systems, physical goods, and many other things for wonderful people.

In my free time, I enjoy writing and recording pretentious music, working on smart home automations, playing games—both video and tabletop, and have an unhealthy obsession with philosophy.

I live in Indianapolis with my wife Alice, our daughters Evelyn and Bernadette, and our cat Édith.