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A closeup of an IBM Model M keyboard with very clean keys.

Newly cleaned keys on my Model M.

I keep hearing that most people won’t bother to learn how to code, but everyone was an HTML/CSS guru back when MySpace was a thing. Maybe there’s something to learn from that.

A small bottle of Bulleit Bourbon in a large Easter egg.

Happy Easter!

A photo of Alice and me after our ceremony.

Obligatory wedding photo. 📷

Pete Buttigieg’s identity work is spot on, and this is one of the most impressive design toolkits/brand identity documents/whatever you’d like to call I’ve ever see. The clear, interactive site is a huge bonus. Just look at the hand-lettered graphics for each state, with full artist credit. A+ work.

Via John Gruber on Daring Fireball.

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How Ian McKellen acts with his eyes

Via—as always—

An old pocket watch (roughly 1940), featuring intricate engraving on the dial.

My wife’s grandfather’s pocket watch.

A large (roughly 3.5 inch long) dragonfly, resting on pavement.

I’m amazed by the size of this dragonfly.

Symmetrical photo of a skylight, midday.


Blue was once little-known in the Western palette. Homer’s sea was “wine dark”; blue would not be used as water’s color until the seventeenth century. It has evolved from its original association with warmth, heat, barbarism, and the creatures of the underworld, to its current association with calm, peace, and reverie.

Jesse Russell on Michel Pasteureau’s Blue: The History of a Color.


An Orient Ray II dive-style watch on a leather strap. The watch features a blue sunburst dial with applied indexes and a day/date complication. The watch case is stainless steel.

My Newest watch, the Orient Ray II. After having many inexpensive quartz watches (and a Vostok Amphibia) it’s safe to say there is truly something different about a nice, mechanical watch. ⌚️

A Vostok Amphibia dive-style watch on a steel mesh strap. The watch features a black dial with a light grey design of a ship’s wheel and anchor. The watch case is stainless steel.

My Vostok Amphibia Zissou on a new mesh strap. ⌚️

An annual reminder that your Christmas spice cookies should be dipped in red wine.


You’re welcome.

Whenever I see a knit tie, my first instinct is to dry my hands on it.

Today is a great day to pick up Alto’s Adventure, if you haven’t already—$2.99, today only.

One of the very few iOS games I still play.

Via MacSparky.

A picture of a slightly scratched Casio brand F-91W watch. The watch features a digital display and 1980's aesthetic.

1980’s vibes today (Casio F-91W). ⌚️

A picture of a 1953 Bulova Jordan watch on my wrist. The watch is gold with a champagne colored face. The watch has a small case (about 34mm) and black , 17mm strap.

Wearing my grandfather’s 1953 Bulova Jordan today. ⌚️

Collecting Disney movies is a fantastic way to obliterate your entertainment budget.

An online museum showcasing web design trends between 1995 and 2005.

Welcome to Web Design Museum

Via The Morning News

The Carina Nebula in infrared light

This spectacular image of the Carina nebula reveals the dynamic cloud of interstellar matter and thinly spread gas and dust as never before. The massive stars in the interior of this cosmic bubble emit intense radiation that causes the surrounding gas to glow. By contrast, other regions of the nebula contain dark pillars of dust cloaking newborn stars.

140 megapixels containing about 1 million stars.

It’s possible I have a self-hosted microblog all setup to post to, thanks to Sitewriter.

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This Man Can Pronounce Every Word in the Dictionary.

Via The Morning News

The new Dragon Stamps from the USPS make me sad that today is Sunday.

Two stamps featuring colorful, simplified illustrations of dragons.

The Tito’s Vodka website is beautiful.

A screenshot of the Tito's Vodka website, featuring the typography.

“What’s the trick?”

“You know what the trick is? Be a butcher for 40 years.”

Goddammit, @merlinmann, this is still so good, 9 years on.

I’m loving contrasted sans serifs lately, and this is one of the best examples I’ve found. Beautiful.


A browser extension searches debunked photos to tell you whether the image you’re seeing is fake or real.

It’s dissapointing that this is Chrome-only, but hopefuly it will make its way to other browsers soon.

Via The Morning News

Current mood.

A panel from a vintage comic showing a woman leaning by a window and saying 'I just want what everyone wants — to never have to go anywhere or do anything.'

I once angered a girlfriend by pulling a paperback book out of my pocket. Now I get why.

Someone clever once said Women were not allowed Pockets

(via The Morning News).

If I had a dog, I’d know its birthday.

What Your Favorite 2000s Emo Pop Band says about You, from McSweeney’s.

A Workflow for adding custom tags to from text input, created with the help of @belle. Send it text from another Workflow/Drafts 5/whatever to tag the current day.

Driftwood is shockingly photogenic.

This treehouse is a Viking ship. I want to climb up there so bad.

There are some awesome clouds around here.


Sunset, from our front door.

“Michigan” by The Milk Carton Kids is the best Ryan Adams song Ryan Adams never wrote.

A picture of a late 2013 MacBook Pro, covered in stickers (many of popular Indianapolis haunts).

The Early 2009 MacBook Pro is officially retired. “Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince.”

“Every scientific man in order to preserve his reputation has to say he dislikes metaphysics. What he means is he dislikes having his metaphysics criticized.”
— Alfred North Whitehead

“The safest general characterization of the philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
—Alfred North Whitehead

“The fact is that Spinoza is made a testing-point in modern philosophy, so that it may really be said: You are either a Spinozist or not a philosopher at all.”

This tree.

I promise I’ll buy a corkscrew one day.

Is anecdotal evidence reliable and relevant? This guy I know says “yes”!

Slightly-too-late Happy Valentines Day post.

That kind of week.

Knitting hats, protesting, and listening. Well done, everyone.

Beer is good but beers are better.

New Years “resolutions”: More fruit, less bread. More sleep, less TV. More exercise, less sitting. More appreciation, less worrying. More understanding, less complaining. Small goals and modest changes. Have a great New Years everyone, and be safe out there. “There’s only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

Barns are painted red because red paint is cheap. Red paint is cheap because iron is plentiful. Iron is plentiful because it is the final element formed in the death of a star. So if anyone asks you to explain why barns are red using the properties of stars… there you go.

You can tell it’s laundry day by the fact that I’m wearing a Whitesnake tshirt.

You know who else hated when people broke Godwin’s Law?

andrewcaito roasted some coffee for me! 🤗

Is zeitgeist a part of common vernacular?

You should all join me in a Tom Collins.

8-bit monument

“The innocent sleep, Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care, The death of each day’s life, sore labor’s bath, Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course, Chief nourisher in life’s feast.”

“I’’m not being rude but you’d be the first to admit that you’re not a very logical thinker.”
“No, I wouldn’t.”
“You still don’t properly understand what happened in Ocean’s Eleven, do you?”
“It’s a complicated film.”
“It really isn’t.”

Yeah, I've tried them all.

Bez needs me to protect him from the evil vet.

Absolutely wonderful. Bourbon, you have some competition.

A new friend appeared on my desk while I was out to lunch

Bez is a proud cat.

After a day of testing different messaging apps, LINE earned a place in my dock.

Alice is crocheting snowflakes. She’s pretty awesome.


Bez thinks he’s an orange.


Bez in his Christmas present.

Work in progress. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Bez found a new home under the Christmas tree.

Alice made this for me and sang Happy Birthday in French. She’s awesome.

Red filter.

Blue filter.

Bez bit Alice. What a jerk.


Afternoon at an orchard.

You had one job!

Alice got a new toy today. I'm not jealous I'm not jealous I'm not jealous I'm not...

Beard ornaments.

Alice needs Windows for her homework, and this is proof that I love her.

Alice is making drinks. I'm wondering if I'll turn into a woman if I drink one.



Also, Siri on a non-4S device.

Alice made brinner!

4 limes and 1 orange PER DRINK, but totally worth it.

Beer o' clock.


Bez is special.

Alice has CNA classes tomorrow. Our ideas of nurse uniforms were VERY different

Believe it or not, this is a photo of the Tennessee river, taken with cellphone. BOOM


4th state of the day.

766 miles to go.

3rd state of the day.

Benefits of having a French girlfriend

Altoids-tin herb garden update.

Any ideas on acceptable shirt colors to go with this tie? I'm tired of white.

Best thing ever.


Alice's textbooks are DIRTY.

Happy new year, from my (parked) car.


Alice's interpretation of Superman

Bez, sleeping comfortably.

Bez loves the bathtub.

Bez, you're not a book.

Gay bar mondays.

Almost finished packing! Now, where's that tape...

Bez is sleeping with his face in my shoe.


Another drive to Marion.


Aviation cocktail

When seasons collide.

28 years old.

All I ever wanted from an iPhone was the ability to take out of focus, vintage looking pictures, and now I have that.